I’m opening up commissions! Long story short, I’ll be moving to a new place, and I need some extra cash to cover me while I’m job hunting.

I’m also offering comic commissions! The prices can be around $10-30, depending on the panels and comic length. ex: (★) (★) (★) (★) ()

I will not draw:

  • R18 (Pairings in general are OK)
  • Furries

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!


  • I am opening four slots at first! Any additional requests will be added to a waiting list.
  • These prices are a GENERAL idea and may vary depending on the complexity of the character, additional characters added, backgrounds, etc.
  • Only Paypal will be accepted
  • You are expected to cover all paypal fees
  • Payment must be provided up front - I’ll send a sketch/WIP for your approval before completing the commission
  • In the event the commission can’t be finished, I’ll provide a full refund
  • If you would like a specific style, please be specific/provide a link! Otherwise it’ll be left up to my own discretion.

If you’re interested, please contact me at amiagold87@gmail.com

sea-blue-child ASKED:
i was just wondering.. i didnt know if i should ask here or the 2pprussia ask blog, but why did you decide to do the flashback interpreter dealio with dieter and not elias?

the first ask with dieter was honestly supposed to be a one-shot type deal. basically, he showed up to answer the question of “does klaus use an interpreter in the military?” the answer was yes, so i doodled up the most generic design i could muster and went “ok done”

buuut i liked the concept of klaus’s Voices and wanted to explore that a bit more, so i started the event. while i was doing that, i got curious about klaus’s FIRST interpreter and how that whole thing happened in the first place - ex: how the other nations found out about his use of an interpreter, if there were any sort of “rules” invented surrounding them on the battlefield, if that caused any tension between klaus and other nations…….that’s how elias came around.

the simple answer is that dieter was thought up before elias was! elias was kind of a …sequel/prequel type deal. if that makes sense

ice cream sandwiches can fix lots of things

all i do now is doodle on twitter

Elias’s family

He and his sister have an age gap, so he’s already an uncle to an adorable baby niece

spoopy-skaii ASKED:
what was that twin video you were talking about